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Welcome to the official dogelore lore and appeals server website.


Official Dogelore Server (31000 Members and counting...) Official Lore and appeals server (80 Members and counting...)

Hello, This place will have news from dogelore, the dogelore appeals and lore server itself and a few fun things with it too!

Meme server lore public reveal and official partnership with dogelore. 2021.04.09, April 9th of 2021.

So, it finally happened. I got this server partnered with actual dogelore. Never thought it could happen, but it magically did. Best part of this is that the mods actually think it's a great idea for this place to exist, so win for me and for them i suppose. Cheers, myszak ~

dogedancin dogedancin dogedancin doge funny meme dogedancin Funny doge song, 1 hour. much wow. XD! ROFL, 1337, 420. WEED! dogedancin dogedancin THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS SPARTA!!!! FUNNY SPARTA REMIX, xd. Much rofls, many laughs. dogedancinglol Dogelore Lore And Appeal Server